CODES OF DESTINY (The Discovery)

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Creation is hidden in codes or in seals.A code is a code until it is given an interpretation or the explanation thereof.Scientists have just discovered that tress have a heart beat.So many things are there but hid away.Welcome to the discovery of the codes of destiny,your destiny in life.A code in this regard is a number that is already associated with you but only needs to be explained.Once explained that then is your destiny in life.Paul McCartney was born on 18 june.Richard Branson was born on 18 July.The number 18 denotes or represents a kingdom or an "earthly kingdom".The destiny code of McCartney is 06/18 meaning he is a man of a kingdom.His music followers' kingdom is so vast wherever he goes to the extent of President Putin attending one of his music concerts in Moscow.The destiny code of Branson is 07/18 meaning he is someone or perhaps a king with a complete avenue in life.So complete is that avenue until he "lives in his own complete world". Necker Island to be specific,both of these men come from a kingdom,The United Kindom,it's just perfect all the time all you need is the interpretation.No matter what you believe in,no matter what you do not believe in these codes are "you" and they never fail.Abraham Lincoln was born on April 6,meaning he was a man of deliverance and indeed he delivered the slaves from slavery on 1 January 1863 in America.I invite you to know your code of destiny.your life will never be the same again for the better.(Send an email with your day,month and year of birth,your country of birth will also be of help.(2) Send US$10 with western union,the details are on the top left part of this website.(3) Within 2 to 24 hours an email will be sent to you with the results or answer to your
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